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Luhan’s Birthday countdown | D-140420

Lu Han, Happy 24th Birthday! oh wow, it’s finally the day, its your birthday! A year has gone by and its been a year since you’ve become a part of my life. It’s been a year since i first discovered you and loved you and just look at how much you’ve grown yet little have changed. Over the past two years since you were introduced to us, I still see you as the same boy who is too shy and awkward yet have gained confidence when on stage, you are still the same boy who smiles genuinely with your bright eyes, who sometimes acts childishly yet will always take care of his members and his fans, who will always be determined to grow and be better, you who is still humble even though you have so much talent in you and I just hope and truly wish that you will stay the same. I hope that in the next coming years, I’ll be able to watch you turn into this great star, the brighter one, the one I believe you are. Because remember that you are a star, a star that is still growing, turning into this one bright star. A star that will never turn into something dark, but you little star will shine brighter than ever, brighter that will give light and hope to us. 

Now that you are turning 24, I want you to know how much happy and proud I am of you with what you have achieved. And that no matter how bad or good life will throw at you, remember that I will always be here supporting you. And I wish that you are happy and you will always do whatever you want to do or love whoever or whatever you want to love, never be afraid, we will always love you and support you!

Happy Birthday, Luhan! Thank you and 사랑합니다!

Love, Mayden.

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[140419] This morning, Jongin went to Tom&Toms in jeans, a cap, and heavy makeup. He stood there quietly and ordered a mint chocolate cappuccino with foam, but the store said that they couldn’t add foam. He opened his eyes widely and replied, “Ne?” before finally asking for a small cup with whipped cream. After getting his drink, he sexily removed his cap and revealed his blonde hair. He drank his cup in a manly way and then left.

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Anonymous asked: What is a wet dream?



its when u dream about going swimming

Kris = Kyungsoo’s Sugar Daddy

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Kyungsoo's body appreciation -  7/ 

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same, sehun, same

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celebrity lookalikes

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